Purposeful Growth.

Let’s be the Time Warp… lessons in lockdown

Here is a next step in my continued exploration of being an ‘expert’ during these times. Lots of words bouncing around that we have different choices in these inside out times… yet are they different? Are they choices? In some ways our current environment seems so fixed in place that I feel very reactive to



Lessons for the New Normal… the “Right” Way to Be an Expert Delivering Value

As we move deeper into the new normal, we’re looking at examples that celebrate how leadership shows up as a positive force. Dr Fauci is a good case. He gets through to people. He: Humanizes his expertise and ensures that connecting and getting through is the important part Is humble Uses plain speak… he wants to help and make his knowledge


Preparing for The New Normal

Gratitude We all are doing our best to navigate the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely hope that you, your family and those close to you are safe and healthy. For those who are experiencing loss and grief, we extend our hearts and wishes to you. I want to add my voice to the many,