Purposeful Growth.

The essential importance of connections and dialogues of meaning that create value for business partners.

A guiding principle of “Do Something Valuable” is to help clients and expert professionals flourish in business through relationships of depth and meaning.

A short story: a client decision maker at a Fortune 500 company was engaged in an inquiry with me about their firm’s perception as to how top service providers stand out to them. She shared a powerful anecdote of a situation where their business needed specialized experts and went to market to survey and select a provider / partner.

That firm’s team observed after their “get acquainted” and assessment process:

  • All the experts know the subject matter.
  • Two out of three firms surveyed focused on transmitting their own expert capabilities
  • They all have conviction as to their individual / firm expertise and their approach
  • One out of three focused first on the client needs and secondly demonstrating how they could apply their specialized capabilities to help
  • What stood out to these buyers was this one expert team’s application of their specialized capabilities to make solutions relevant and valuable to client needs.

This is a big deal.  Still, expert firms in going to market, design their processes and train / coach their experts and professionals to set the table by “pitching” their own capabilities.

The process demonstrated interest, insight and a deeper sense of the professionals’ experience and capabilities rather than focus on the “pitch”.

A longer story to follow.

Do Something Valuable focuses as an expert guide and support to clients’ experts and professionals. Organizational and process + experts committed to inquiry and personal best.