Purposeful Growth.


As we move deeper into the new normal, we’re looking at examples that celebrate how leadership shows up as a positive force.

Dr Fauci is a good case. He gets through to people.


    1. Humanizes his expertise and ensures that connecting and getting through is the important part
    2. Is humble
    3. Uses plain speak… he wants to help and make his knowledge accessible and actionable to every person
    4. Embraces scientific inquiry to (…navigate…) of fallibilities, alternatives and scenarios
    5. Does not get into expert arguments about experts being right or wrong…

Here’s a deeper dive into observations of Fauci’s expert presence:


Bringing this home, there is a natural tendency to be a silo, as experts we have spent years of time and money to develop our expertise.

Are you taking time to complement your expert capabilities in order to build your connection capabilities?

Most experts learn sometime in the five to eight-year mark of their career that they need to learn how to develop “capability stacks” that help them:

  • reach people on their terms
  • understand practical consequences or value
  • impart appropriate action
  • enable others with clarity and confidence
  • exercise their expert leadership role in their clients’ worlds and their own firms, even in the face of adversity and destructive confrontation.


I am curious to read your thoughts.

What are your observations on the list of strengths presented here?

How are you seeing them being deployed in the new normal / the new “abnormal”?

Let’s build a conversation!