Purposeful Growth.

Gratitude We all are doing our best to navigate the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely hope that you, your family and those close to you are safe and healthy. For those who are experiencing loss and grief, we extend our hearts and wishes to you. I want to add my voice to the many, and still not enough, who are applauding all the front line heroes for supporting us through this: medical workers, pharmacy and grocery workers… on my own limited forays into the world, these people are not showing the inevitable stress and putting on a smile and committing to friendly, responsive service. They are role models. Thank you.  Paring down to essentials We will all be grieving and uncertain through this period of unknowns.  Our lives have altered drastically and in ways we cannot anticipate. Grieving will be required. The uncertainly and dislocation created offer us an opportunity to reflect on the new normal that is going to emerge. Physical distance. Emotional connection. Slowing down and self-reflection. Supporting those we can. Some good news is emerging. Many are choosing to focus on an optimistic place that harnesses both our humanity and technology. I am working to contain my stir crazy and be mindful and balanced. Preparing for the new normal So, where does this bring us?  For me, to a recent newsletter that landed in my inbox.  It shocked me. It was the same old same old in a new skin.  It prompted me to record my reactions. It motivated me to raise my voice, to lend it to the moment that is upon us – to support and to help those committed to drive real, effective change. Join us, raise your indignation at old school, tone deaf voices, to recycled, ineffective ideas. Expect more. Let’s maximize our opportunity to reconstruct what business means in our post COVID-19 realities. Link here to listen   Stephen Do Something Valuable